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The Wardrobe Malfunction

Every so often, I think to myself: wow, this has been a very normal day/week/month and then something awkward happens. I take it as the universe’s way of reminding me that I should really blog more often. Today’s incident concerned a pair of black dress pants that I was thrilled to find a few months ago after hunting for the perfect pair (it is more challenging than it sounds for tall humans).


Everything was going well until I discovered that my pants were splitting at the seam, at that seam. The most exposed seam of all and that if I stood up and walked, there would be problems. After an initial bout of panic, I sat chortling to myself for a good five minutes. My refusal to a) invest in a sewing kit, and b) learn how to sew had led me to this unfortunate crossroads. Realizing that I had little choice, but to take an early lunch, I waddled like a turtle-bird hybrid towards the metro. From there, I wobbled my way into a TJ Maxx, fully aware that any pants I would find there would be just as substandard in quality as the pair that I was currently wearing. Thirty minutes later, I was back at work with three pairs of pants: one defunct pair, one pair that I put on as soon as I bought it, and one pair in case this ever happens again. This beats both the time that I lost the buttons on my pants and had to use a complicated combination of staples and paper clips to keep them up. Lesson learned.

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What’s Hair Got To Do With It?

I recently read that male university students in North Korea will now be required to get the same haircut as Kim Jong Un. Though many media outlets picked up this story and ran with it, a second look shows that as with many things North Korea, there isn’t any evidence to support this claim. What Radio Free Asia has called a decree, may in actuality be just a trend or a way for young people to demonstrate their allegiance with the government. 

(Image Via The Guardian) 

Before I get to the political implications of all of this, it is interesting to note that Kim Jong Un’s haircut is not just a fashion choice, it seems to be modeled after his grandfather’s cut in the 1930’s, a way for him to demonstrate ties to his grandfather, rather than his father (Bruce Cumings). Family, am I right?

Even though this particular story seems to be without merit, the Hermit Kingdom has in the past waged a war against long hair, airing an entire propaganda campaign that called out “sloppy” individuals by name on TV (more on that here: 

As far as politics go, a story suggesting that Kim Jong Un is crazy or ridiculous is far from helpful or conducive to the continuous effort of getting North Korea to see logic. 

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